Review of the Vee Tire Flow Snap Tire in Chiang Mai, Thailand

The brand Vee tire is perhaps not well known globally however enjoys huge popularity in Asia thanks to its competitive price point as well as having a justified reputation for being a quality mountain bike tire brand. Over recent years Vee Tire has built up a loyal fanbase who insist on riding on nothing other than a set of Vee Tires, and for good reason.

Vee Tire Flow Snap Review


Vee Tire produce a number of models but in this review we’ll be looking at the Flow Snap – a tire designed for downhill / all mountain use with various sizes available including 27.5 x 2.35, 27.5 x 2.6, 29 x 2.3 and 29 x 2.6. All of these variations have options for the casing, including the enduro core casing which is a lighter, albeit not as tough option compared to the gravity core. The weight of the tires start at a fairly heavy 951grams for the 27.5 x 2.3 with enduro casing. The Flow Snap features Vee Tires ‘Tackee’ dual compound rubber which is designed to allow for more control on downhills, and is the compound used for this review.

Trailhead Thailand uses the Vee Tire Flow Snap for its fleet of YT Jeffsy tour mountain bikes, and since the tire is designed to be universally suited for a range of conditions it made sense to offer customers this peace of mind during their mountain bike tours on terrain which may be unfamiliar to them and conditions that can go from dry and dusty to wet and muddy in a matter of minutes. In the space of one ride in Chiang Mai the terrain can include a mix of paved, dirt road, gravel singletrack to roots and rocks and so it was fitting to partner with Vee Tire with their aggressive all mountain bike tire. All tires and the tire reviewed are the Enduro core, 27.5 x 2.3. Thanks to its chunky design there is an element of psychological confidence when customers join our tours and it’s often noted how rugged and grippy they look.

Vee Tire

The pronounced lugs give a confident feeling going into corners and the wide spacing clear dirt and mud well for almost all conditions, I say almost as no tire can clear the thick, sticky mud on some of the trails in Chiang Mai! The rolling speed whilst good on packed dual track is a little sluggish on paved roads due to the large lugs creating resistance, however not in a way that its detrimental to the ride. The dual compound rubber is noticeable especially in the cornering, with softer rubber on the outside of the lugs providing the grip with harder rubber on the inside providing stability when rolling out of the corner. Confidence drops slightly when riding over a slick root or rock with the occasional slide out, however this is to be expected of a universal tire and not dedicated wet tire.

Flow Snap Trailhead Thailand


Overall Impression
The Vee Tire Flow Snap is excellent value for money at a RRP of 1700 THB compared to other tires priced in the 2000-2500 THB region. It compares admirably when compared to famous brands such as the Maxxis Minion and its longevity is very impressive – in particular the sidewalls which fare better than the more well known brands. I personally like simplicity and the universal nature of the tire and its use for front or back is appealing making the Flow Snap an excellent choice of tire.  Contact Us if you’d like more information on where to buy the Vee Tire Flow Snap in Thailand.


Vee Tire in Chiang Mai