makes all the difference

Our friendly, experienced guides know Chiang Mai like the backs of their hands. All the local secret spots, the less crowded trails. They’ll make sure everything is running smoothly both on and off trails to make sure you enjoy your trip of a lifetime.

Akkharadej Chantema ( Lek )


Devoted dad Lek who is originally from the north eastern province of Udonthani, joined Trailhead Thailand in 2015.  Lek loves challenging uphills and so it’s no surprise his favorite trail is Stairway to Heaven.  Lek also participates in running events to keep fit as well as to support charitable causes, and loves to spend time in the countryside with his family enjoying the nature. 

Ahkom Laycher ( Kom )


Kom has been with Trailhead Thailand since 2016 and is highly knowledgeable about all the mountain biking trails in the region with his favorite being Buffalo Soldier.  Kom was born in a tiny Akha hilltribe village with its own distinctive language but has lived in the city most of his life.  Kom’s hobbies (other than biking) include photography and videography and you can see many of his pictures and videos on Facebook and Youtube.  Kom loves biking because its fun and healthy and allows people to learn from others around the world.

Jamras Boonjang (Chu)


Chu has been a Trailhead Thailand guide since 2017 and loves to ride fast!  Chu loves to ride uphill and downhill and his favourite trails are to be found in Chiang Dao, where he was born with its amazing scenery and rural setting.  In his spare time Chu likes to relax with friends and cook BBQ in the mountains of his hometown.