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Vittoria Mazza Tire Review

The Vittoria Mazza tire was launched in 2020 in 27.5” and 29” diameters and 2.4” and 2.6” widths as well as offering 2 types of casing – the Enduro which is 2 ply casing and Trail which is 1.5 ply casing. Both options provide sidewall protection and anti-pinch flat inserts. The tires weigh between 890g for the 27.5 x 2.4 Trail to 1.4kg for the 29 x 2.6 Enduro tire. There is no front / rear specific tire, something I am grateful for to keep things nice and simple.

Vittoria proudly markets the fact that it uses four compounds in the tread – a world’s first, as well as being the only mountain bike tire that utilizes graphene in its construction. This all sounds amazing but what does it mean and does it make a difference compared to other tire brands? I have been testing the Vittoria Mazza Enduro 27.5 x 2.4 for since January 2021 – April 2021 on my YT Capra AL 1 in the mountains of Chiang Mai, the perfect place to put the tires to the test with a huge variety of terrain to be found and for the most part during the time of testing, in dry, dusty conditions.

Vittoria Mazza

The Mazza uses Vittoria’s proprietary 4C compound layering process.

First of all, let’s look at the technology that’s gone into developing these tires. As mentioned above the Vittoria tire uses four compounds to make each tire, whereas other brands may use up to three compounds. The center of the tire uses the hardest compound where wear may be greatest, with a slightly softer compound in the center at the surface. A third hard compound is used for the base of the side knobs with a softer compound on the top to extra grip. The aim of this design is to provide maximum grip whilst ensuring durability and to provide a solid base for the center and side of the tire. In addition to this, graphene, which is a carbon molecule is then mixed into the compounds to increase the lifespan of the tire as well as improving the rolling resistance.

The tread pattern of the tire is fairly aggressive looking, and similar to the Maxxis Minion. The Mazza differs to other brand tires with its siping design, meaning the knobs are stepped allowing them to really dig into the terrain and conform to the shape of the ground, providing extra grip.


After 3 months the rear tire was in surprisingly good condition.

How Does the Mazza Perform on Chiang Mai Trails?
In a nutshell, the tires perform amazingly during the 3 months I’ve been riding on them. From the moment I put them on the performance of them was very predictable and I was confidently throwing the bike into tight corners, riding steep rock gardens and managing steep climbs with consistent grip. The amount of grip compared to other brands is most noticeable on very dusty or very leafy corners – You really feel the side knobs biting into the terrain giving you the confidence to ride faster. Also impressive is the braking traction with the tall knobs grounding you into the trail and the open spacing between the knobs preventing the tread getting clogged up.

The durability of the Mazza is also very impressive, Chiang Mai is well known for its tough terrain and with nearly 800km and 15,000m of gain since I put the tires on they are in excellent condition. Some of the side knobs are certainly starting to show wear but less than expected after the amount of riding on them. One part of the tire I often have issues with is the sidewall, again Chiang Mai’s harsh terrain often ends up leaving splits or tears in the sidewall but as of yet there’s barely a scratch.

The only time I lost a bit of confidence in the Mazza is when rolling over a slick surface such as through a smooth riverbed or a wet dual track, and when rolling at speed on a hard surface there was some squirreling around on corners, perhaps due to the psi I was running, however these moments were few and far between as this time of year is the dry season in northern Thailand.

I personally couldn’t notice any difference to rolling resistance when compared to brands such as Maxxis or Michelin despite other reviews mentioning a more sluggish resistance, I do run my tires at a slightly higher psi than most, but that said at 1.2kg per tire it would be reasonable to expect there to be more resistance.

Is the Mazza Good Value for Money?
The Vittoria Mazza tire is an excellent choice for mixed terrain especially in dry conditions and aggressive riding styles. At 2200 THB it’s on a par with other brands but with its excellent sidewall protection and longevity of the tread in my opinion represents better value for money.

The Vittoria Mazza is available to buy now at the Trailhead Shop.