Where to See Sakura Cherry Blossom in Chiang Mai

It’s that time of year again when both Thais and tourists excitedly scramble to the top of Doi Suthep-Pui National Park to witness the brilliant pink sakura cherry blossom.  If you’re looking where to see sakura cherry blossom in Chiang Mai then this is perhaps the most popular area due to its proximity to Chiang Mai city, as well as the idyllic setting of the trees.   

For just a few days each year, generally between early January – end of January cherry trees located in the gardens of Khun Chang Khian Highland Agriculture Research Center, as well as the village of Khun Chan Khian are in full bloom and are a photographers and selfie paradise. 

Where to See Sakura Cherry Blossom in Chiang Mai

The area is hugely popular and from the early hours there will be hoards of people so if you’re looking for a tranquil experience then this is perhaps not it.  The narrow winding road will be clogged with traffic so its adviseable to share transportation, take a songteaw or a motorbike or if you want to reduce your carbon footprint spend a nice day out and hike from the foot of the mountain.  If you do choose to drive take precaution on blind corners, especially as the road narrows towards the top and keep on the left side of the road. 

Once you have taken as many photos as possible you can enjoy a delicious coffee or light meal in Chan Khian village or the research station.  The coffee is grown locally and is delicious and you can sit back and enjoy the pleasant scenery and views of Mae Rim district.  

You can experience the sakura cherry blossom in Chiang Mai with a tour with Trailhead Thailand.  Join our Hilltribe in the Clouds hiking tour to see the best spots or  our Buffalo Soldier mountain bike tour if you want to see the spectacle via bike.  Remember it only lasts a few days a year so contact us if you want to check! 

Sakura Cherry Blossom Chiang Mai