Downhill World Cup Live Stream

Mercedes-Benz UCI Downhill World Cup Live Stream

With an aim to develop the cycling community in Chiang Mai, Trailhead Thailand has been showing the live streams of the Mercedes-Benz UCI Downhill World Cup inviting cycling enthusiasts as well as non-enthusiasts to the shop to enjoy the mountain biking action on the big screen.  The event is a great chance to chat to friends, meet new people and enjoy delicious food and drinks in the comfortable atmosphere of the Trailhead shop, conveniently located in the old town.

The live streams have been a huge success to date, with lots of familiar faces within the mountain biking community in Chiang Mai joining.  Tourists have also stopped by to enjoy the action, and visitors with no cycling experience have been introduced to the amazing spectacle of downhill mountain biking.   Viewers can enjoy a free drink on Trailhead and are welcome to bring along any cycling related gear to sell.

Trailhead Thailand will continue to show the Downhill World Cup live stream throughout the 2019 season and look forward to welcoming everyone and helping develop cycling in the Chiang Mai community.  Visitors to Chiang Mai can experience a range of full day mountain biking tours in Chiang Mai as well as a number of half day cycling tours.

UCI Downhill World Cup 2019 Live Stream

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