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  • Riding gears Bring your own otherwise helmet, knee pads,elbow pads gloves and backpack are already included in the package.
  • Top Cycling jersey or t-shirts
  • Lightweight jacket For winter season (November - February)
  • Bottom All Mountain or DH style shorts. If you don’t have one, we recommend light fabric shorts with elastic waist-band or surf shorts.
  • Shoes Athletic shoes, lightweight hiking boots, or trail running shoes with a sturdy sole work well. (participants can bring their own clipless pedals and shoes and we can install them on our bike).

Recommended Personal Equipment for Every Ride

  • Hydration packs or water bottles
  • Camera Sport camera or compact one.
  • Sunscreen & Sunglasses
  • Some cash If you enjoy your ride, tip your guide (optional).
  • Extra clothes or swimsuit & towel Some trips may have opportunities for swimming.

More for Overnight Trip

Toiletries, electronic device charger, sandals underwear, socks, & extra clothes, flash light personal medication, more cash


Join Us with Your Own Bike

If you are bringing your own bike it should be tuned and in good working condition before the start of the tour. We strongly recommend you have your bike checked out prior to departure. A mountain bike of good quality and in good operating condition is essential. Our guides carry tools and a supply of spare parts suitable for use on most bikes. If your bike has special features or specifications, then you must supply your own parts and tools.